I moved to Chicago from a small farm town when I was 17.  My dad was a woodworker and we moved our business to Ukrainian Village. I had no friends and felt so lonely and awkward.  I remember the first time I saw “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL” written on a wall. It made me feel safe in a new city, it made me excited, it reminded me that people were actually living and breathing, doing exciting things somewhere in this new place I now resided. I designed this sticker on a plane from Chicago to Los Angeles, where I currently live. When I fly, I get this kind of crazy creative energy in me.  I hope some girl sees this sticker on the street and feels the way I felt the first time I saw the YAB message.
- Adi Goodrich, Los Angeles, CA


Adi's personal mantra is Good Vibes & High Fives. We couldn't agree more! Prepare to be overcome with happiness when you check out her site. And be sure to follow all the colorful awesomeness @adigoodrich.


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