September Artist Sticker – You Are Beautiful
This sticker was created with the intention of answering my own question about the phrase “you are beautiful”. What makes something beautiful?  Whatever that may be, it won’t be found on the surface. The layering of the text is meant to imply that what makes one beautiful is more complex than what first meets the eye. The handwritten quality of the text gives the image a truly human and individual feel. The combination of handwritten text and vibrant shades of orange evoke a wild and energetic spirit needed to make one beautiful. 
- Mia Coleman, Marwen Alumna, Chicago, Illinois


Mia is a recent Marwen graduate. She, along with 900 other under-served young people, come to Marwen each year to take part in free visual art classes. To raise awareness of the impact Marwen has on Chicago, original art created byMarwen students is being put up in Chicago’s 55 zip codes. Check them out at or search social media using #ThisIsMarwen.


These limited run stickers are available till September 23 by subscribing to You Are Beautiful Every Day.