November Artist Sticker – You Are Beautiful

The you are beautiful movement has been a great reminder for me to bring optimism and simplicity to everything I do. I’m honored to collaborate in spreading such an important message. 

- Geremy Good CHI / LA, USA

Everyone is beautiful. Each and every one of the 7,377,934,112 of us. We’ve wondered for a while how the sticker could adapt to the digital age. It would need to be simple and universal, like the sticker, but even though it would be highly replicated, each message would need to be special for it’s viewer.

In collaboration with Geremy Good, we made a way for you to pass on the message through a simple link. Unlike the sticker though, this message is a little more personal. We all deserve to hear these words come from a friend. You are beautiful, everyone.

Pass it on to a friend!

These limited run stickers are available till October 23rd by subscribing to You Are Beautiful Every Day.