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May Artist Sticker

Annabel Linquist (aka Holy Magic) New York, New York. Annabel Linquist wants to blow your mind. Or rewire it at least--to help you remember your latent superpowers! From making paintings that repel ghosts, to activating secret power spots around the world, to producing her debut EP as a collaborator with Imogen...

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October Artist Series Sticker

You are as beautiful nowas when you were a beautiful childbefore anyone told you what everything meantand your beautiful heart could run wild. - Dallas Clayton, Los Angeles, California   Dallas creates some of the happiest, most inspiring work we know of. His book An Awesome Book is a must read...

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July Artist Series Sticker

You might have to stop in order to catch the message in my design, because sometimes you have to pause to notice subtle beauty in the world. The colours I chose are taken from a photo I took in New Zealand (where I spied a YAB sticker in the wild!),...

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March Artist Series Sticker

"I wanted to make a positive vibe vortex for the sticker artwork with an explosion of colour. The concept of this project really appeals to me, lets all love each other!"  - Chrissie Abbott, London, England. Check out Chrissie's awesome work on her site, and follow her @ChrissieAbbott.    These limited run...

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You Are Beautiful Every Day just got even better!

We kick of January with this incredible sticker design by Anna CF from Des Moines, Iowa.  All my life, I've just wanted to make pretty. Marrying my love of lettering to the powerful message that You Are Beautiful delivers is one of the best ways I've ever been able to...

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