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Big Things in Store!

We've been preparing for what will be a very busy next week here at YAB! Lots of exciting upcoming events this September have us working on big projects and trying our hands and brains at coming up with new ideas and how to execute them.

The process has been fun, challenging, and rewarding as we watch the new work come together and grow. Here's a sneak peek at what we've been up to!

Matt and Keith getting ready to assemble this HUGE piece which will measure to be about 8 x 18'.

Shae & Keith gluing all of the foam pieces together.

We used about 15 bottles of glue to bond all of the pink foam together.

The whole piece laid out.

Another big piece in the making!

While the process of creating something new is sometimes messy, and often does not go according to plan, the outcome of our efforts is always rewarding whether it be an overall success, or a lesson to take on to the next big thing. That being said, we are super excited for what is to come this month! Stay tuned to get updates for our upcoming events :)