DIY Sticker Party! – You Are Beautiful
DIY Sticker Party!

Yesterday the YAB office had a DIY sticker party! We each took a couple of each size sticker and let our creativity flow. We chose to create ours with markers, paints, and colored pencils! It was a lot of fun :) Watch our video here!

Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way and now you have a chance to let that shine through on your own sticker! We’re excited to see how you add your voice to the message!

Send us pictures of the stickers you create or share it online with hashtag #yabsticker.

We also love that these DIY stickers come in are 2 sizes - a large one (8.5" x 11") or a small one (2.25" x 3"). You can mix and match for yourself, your family or even a classroom!

The sticker is a matte paper finish, that will accept most any art media. Slap it up, or give it to a friend (or stranger)!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with :) Get yours today!