How Do We Make it? – You Are Beautiful
How Do We Make it?

Cursive Wood Piece!

Inspired by the first public You Are Beautiful installation, our cursive wood pieces are meant to bring the same message to the comforts of your home (or office), and are crafted with care in our studio! If you've ever wondered how they are made, today our shop master, Keith, will show you how!

Step 1 : Diamonds in the Rough

This is how they all start- we use large sheets of birch plywood and make multiple pieces from each!


Step 2: Beam me up!

Each sheet is placed into the laser cutter, by which each piece is cut. This is Keith setting up a file that tells the laser cutter what to cut. 

The laser cutter reads the files, and a very powerful laser beam is emitted from the piece of machinery shown above. The laser beam slices through the wood and carves out the piece one by one!


Step 4: Sand 'em Down!

To get each piece smooth and rid them of burn spots created by the laser, their surface must be sanded. The device with the circular face is the electric hand sander we use.

Keith puts the pieces in a mold and sands the front and back of each piece.


Step 5: It's Clear... You Are Beautiful!

Each Piece gets lightly sprayed with a clear varnish.

Step 6: Sign, Sealed..

Each piece gets lovingly wrapped up in it's own silver packaging, sealed with our stickers of approval.

I'm Yours!

Each piece is now ready to get packed up and delivered right to your door! :)