Logan Square Mural Revamp! – You Are Beautiful

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Logan Square Mural Revamp!

This week the YAB crew hit the streets to fix up a mural that had been through a number of unexpected additions. It had been vandalized to the point where most of the original mural was covered up, and illegible.

So, with our stencils, and black and silver spray paint, we went out to Logan Square to repair the mural.

As we worked, we got positive reactions from walkers-by which made the job all the more worthwhile. Locals were happy to see that we cared about their neighborhood, and that we wanted to make the improvement to a mural that had become a familiar landmark to them.

We didn’t cover up all the work that others had left behind. Instead, we worked with what was there to make something new. It was surprising, even to us, to see the outcome reflect the personality of the neighborhood through such an unexpected collaboration.

Check out the video!