Make out all you can – You Are Beautiful

We made an installation at the Bucktown Bucketfeet Studio. The idea was that the show as interactive. We created large panels that had hidden magnets inside. We then created 4 inspirational phrases, which could be mixed and matched. Sort of like a giant fridge magnet set. 

Photos courtesy of Bucketfeet 
We made mini take-home editions of them as well. Those are available in the shop right here.
The phrases were:
make the most of it
get your ideas out there
imagine it all even better
you can be anything
The installation went over really well, and customers & employees had so much fun with them. Catie (@blondesayswhat) who runs the studio had too much fun figuring out what could be made - and came up with "make out all you can". 
It was too good to not use, so we made an additional edition available with that phrase :) You never know what will happen when you put yourself & your work out into the world. In this case, a completely unexpected collaboration happened!