Monthly YAB Sticker Artist: Ephameron – You Are Beautiful
Monthly YAB Sticker Artist: Ephameron

This months sticker artist, Ephameron, is a freelance illustrator, curator, and designer living and working in Antwerp, Belgium. Her work has been featured in many publications, and exhibitions worldwide, and we are honored to have one of her creations on this months sticker!

"The art Ephameron makes is sensitive: with images and small texts she tries to recreate everyday feelings and thoughts, to capture moments in life with her art." 

Her sticker inspires us to "Reach for the stars. Think of your loved ones and stay in their hearts forever." They are available until this month until August 23rd. Get yours today :)! 

Also, we recently had the pleasure of attending a show curated by Ephameron at Vertical Gallery in Chicago called "Head, Hand, Heart", curated by Ephameron. It was a group show that included work by international artists, including Matthew Hoffman!