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Our Favorite Places You'll Find a YAB Sticker!

After we send out stickers from our Chicago hub, there's no telling where they just might end up. If you're a Chicago local, you can find them stuck up all over the city, but one of the best things we get to see is where else they travel to! Here are some of our favorite places you'll find the sticker, if you keep your eyes peeled :)

Overlooking Lake Toronto - @mikeyli


Puffer Pond, Amherst, MA - @thirty2flavors


Iviv, Ukraine - @lostindiscovering


Old Town, Portlan, OR - @amanda_carmela


Wesser Bald, NC - @svwalter


Cape Town, South Africa - @bailey_griggs


Mount Evans, CO - @shouperduper


Mount St. Helen's, WA - @watevpdx


Overlooking Lake Superior - @hailijeanphoto


Paris, France - @galfriday612

*Above Pictured: Indiana - @snowbirdinpassing 


Where will you take your stickers? If you find a sticker, or leave a sticker share it with us by following our Instagram @yabsticker and tag your picture #yabsticker :) We absolutely love to see your posts!