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Shae's Top 10 Ways to Pay It Forward

The little things DO count! Random acts of kindness can make someone’s day, whether they be a loved one or a stranger. The more you do, the better!

Meet our office extraordinaire, Shae.
Here are her top 10 little ways to pay it forward:

  1. Ask a friend about their day
  2. Share your snacks
  3. Give a good hug
  4. Give someone a high-five!
  5. Give up your seat to someone standing
  6. Change the roll of toilet paper
  7. Draw someone a nice picture
  8. Lend a cold friend a warm sweater
  9. Get a tired co-worker a cup of coffee
  10. Call your mom, dad, grandma, bestie, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, or whoever! Tell them you love them :)


Shae is a recent grad from Columbia College Chicago and started working for the YAB team in May 2016.  When she's not throwing up YAB stickers and signs or running around the office, she spends her time drawing, grocery shopping, and checking emails.