What does public art mean to you? – You Are Beautiful
What does public art mean to you?

Public art provokes so much meaning to me. A visual representation of something out for just anybody to see sends a message. This message can be either positive or negative, which ever way you decide to go with. The message can potentially and usually will change your day or even your life in an instant.

What's interesting about working with You Are Beautiful is that we always deliver a positive message in a more simple way with just a few words. I love interacting with people and seeing their responses so I lean more towards a positive way of doing it.

Simple can be better. Being able to change peoples perspective instantly like that really inspires me to do it more everyday.

With my personal work I tend to use a lot of vibrant colors so that it grabs your attention instantly but with no option of positive or negative. I go crazy with color and add characters with multiple things around it to make someone look at it longer. This is an example of a gallery piece opposed to something to leave in public for someone to have an immediate response.

Of course there are artists who do murals out in the world that utilizes both methods. Artists such as Shepard Fairy of Banksy deliver controversial messages with characters, color, and messages in a simple way that provokes so much meaning, however people look at.

So really at the end of the day, to make public art you need to be aware of your audience and the community that surrounds that. This will make it more engaging rather than just scribbling your name on the side of a mailbox. Make it important. Make it special for people to communicate with it. That will last a lifetime. 

Keith Smith
You Are Beautiful