Simply put, we want to make life a little better.

Three short words. One powerful message.

A small tiny sticker, shared over 5 million times, creating smiles on every continent of the world (including Antarctica).

Grabbing strangers unexpectedly in the grind of their daily life, and unapologetically saying it's ok to be human. From bathroom stalls, to locker rooms, street signs, to lamp posts, given with a tip a dinner, left on a bus seat, or in the back of a cab.

Get involved today! Grab some stickers, and share them with your world!


It's an idea.

You Are Beautiful is more than a little sticker, it’s an idea. It’s a way to brighten someone’s day, a way to pat a stranger on the back, a way to remind ourselves that even when things aren’t going great, it’s ok.

It began simply with 100 stickers in 2002 in Chicago, and has since evolved into block-long murals, public installations, and exhibitions at cultural institutions involving thousands of artists. Check out photos that have been tagged #yabsticker.

The community has rallied around the message, and people from around the world have started adding their flair, their interpretation, their voice to the message. This message has grown by word of mouth, and has been spread by you, the community. 

What happens next is up to you.


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Watch our segment on Oprah’s OWN Network and check out our book A Decade of You Are Beautiful.

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