We invite you to come to YAB HQ on the evening of July 20th to celebrate our differences and see how we are beautiful together.

We are all creative. The community surrounding the You Are Beautiful project is an incredibly creative and sharing group of individuals, and we want to celebrate this together!

We all are creative in some way or another. Whether you identify as an artist or a designer, someone who uses art for therapy, a maker or a hacker, or even just a tinkerer. No matter how you add your voice or ideas to the world, it’s you — and it’s beautiful.

We believe in making. YAB HQ is our studio, but the dream is that it grows into something more — a community hub of sharing creativity with each other, a place for individuals to play, to try something new, and take risks in a safe space. We’re constantly hosting workshops in our space, to offer a hands-on experience in making.

Now we’ve taken it a step further, and given out YAB DIY boards to anyone who would like to create, experiment, and add their voice to the positive message. The boards have been given to known artists and designers, and also to those just dipping their toe in the waters of creativity. Who knows? For someone starting out, it may be the first piece of what becomes an entire career or side hustle. (After all, You Are Beautiful started as a nights & weekends side project for many years).

We are beautiful. Each of us are incredibly unique and complex (that’s putting it lightly!), and also share so much in common with each other. As we live our lives and grow as individuals, we begin to find our tribe: a community of people who share the same core values as we do, and are also open and engaging with what makes us different.

On Saturday, July 20th from 6-10pm, see many unique boards painted by individuals in our YAB HQ Gallery.

Go into the studio in the back, and get hands on painting your own board or making your own shirt (for purchase).

Be sure to RSVP to get your Beautiful Together Token upon entry!

This all-ages event is open to everyone.

Plus, check out our entire line up of events & workshops during Beautiful Together.


Participating Artists:

A Zen Moment
Aaron Cortez
Abigail J
Alex novello
Alia Reichert
Amanda Shell
Andrew novick
Angela Finney
Anna Katherine Peters
Anna Wolfe
Ashlynn Benson
Avalon mallory, Age 5
B. The Change
Beth Haasl
Brain Killer
Brooke Santos
Carly Benson
Carole Loeffler
Chris Gallevo
Corey Novello
Dan Griner
Eileen M
Ellen Eherenman
Ellen Gradman
Emily H Wentz
Emmett Kyoshi Wilson
Emmett Liscinsky, age 4
Eric Siegel
Erin Dunbar
Eunseo Kim
Fire Falco
Grace Elliott
Ian Liscinsky, age 5
Isabella, Age 11
J. Byrnes
Jacob Johanson
James Sturnfield
Jennifer Creasey
Jeska Rose
Jesse Hora
Jessica & Genevieve Quintanilla, Age 5
Jo Gonda
Joel Siegel (Linktober)
Jonny boucher
Judith mayer
Julie Madison
Kathy Adrian
Kevin Reader
Kimberly Gnat
Kiri O'Gwynn
Kris Fuentes Cortes
Liz Laughlin
Lücky Gnomë 
Lynn Wooton 
Madelaine Vargas
Maija Benson 
Margot Harrington
Maria Slovakova
Matt Shapeless
Michael Garfield
Michell Marie Howard
Mike Vinopal
MJ Heeke
Monica Acosta
Monica Mireles
Myah Mazcara
Myron Laban
Nate Otto
Young VanHouten
Nick Sodnicar
Olivia Arrow Dhamee
Oscar Joyo
Owen J, Age 12
Peb Benson
Phil Schultz
Rama Komar
Ravenswood School
Revise CMW
Rick Valicenti
Rob Funderburk
Selma Temizel
Shalom Parker 
Soren Chapman
Stacey B.
State of the R
Stephanie Guerrero
Stephanie Guerrero
Stressed & Paranoid
Tai Kojro-Badziak
Tanner Woodfotd
Thien Jade Vough
Tyler Batson
Tyler mallory
Victoria Marie Barquin
Viola Schultz
Wanderlust Archers
Deacon McDowell
Anna Lee
Anna Miran Lee
Anne Nadel-Walbridge
April Helen
Barrel Maker Printing
By George Partners
Caesar Perez
Chhavi Rastogi
Christina Comer
Craighton Berman
Csaba S. Zongor
Daniel Mendoza
David Jacobson
Devon Highley and Ana Sofia
Dylan Hoffman 
Elaine Dale
Emily Piez
Emmett Kyoshi Wilson
Erin Borreson
Fiona Miller
Genevieve Daigle
Heidi Lemon
Henry Berman
Janet Joseph
Janice Bergeron
Jeanne Slatkay
Jen Farrell
Jennifer Brody
Jennifer Carroll
Jess LaLone
Jesse Hora 
Jillian Vo
Jo Aaron
Johnny Archer
Jon McCormick
Jonathan Berger
Joshua Jay Herman
Justine Fritz
Karen Gajewski
karina bohyer
Kassandra Therrien
Kiebpoli Calnek
Lauren Bowles
Levi Borreson
Levitating Lotus
Loveborne Alexander-El
Lucid Sighted Designs
Luke Lusk
Mackenzie Mottlowitz
Maggie Storino
maliaka bugjo
Maria Golden
Marilou Carrera
Mark Moffet
Marlana Hope
Marty Scigouski
Mary Kate Thompson
Matthew Carroll
Matthew Hoffman
Matthew Price
Megan Tress
Mercia Wiese
Michelle Lee
Michelle West
Monica Hork
Nora Pelican
Olivia London Rose
Paigie Peachie Pie Thompson
Rachel Hanson
Rachel Silver
Rachel Silver
Rafael Rivera
Robin E. Bennett
Robyn Woodford
Sabrina bauer
Shae Synnestvedt
Susan Clausen 
Taline Schmidt
Teagan Layne Thompson
Tracy Casagrande Clancy



A little bit about Programming at YAB HQ Gallery

Gallery Openings

Every other month or so, we’ll completely redo the gallery portion of our retail store with brand new work, all related around a new positive message. This is our sandbox; a place to play around with new ideas and concepts. We hope you enjoy the work, and would love to hear what you think.



We offer a variety of Hands-On Workshops from making your own t-shirt and painting your own wood pieces to making your own LED letter, laser cutting, and learning CNC basics. Come and get your hands dirty as you learn more about the process of how we create works in our studio. Be sure to check out our Events Calendar (yab.news) to learn more.



Want to see the behind-the-scenes operation while also learning more about the project and our practice? We offer regularly scheduled FREE Studio Tours. Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming tours.

Have a large group? We can schedule a custom tour or workshop for your school or group. Our tours and workshops can accommodate 10 to 50 people. To schedule, reach out to emily@you-are-beautiful.com.