How do I get stickers?

You can order a pack of stickers for as low as $5 (+plus shipping).

We also offer an awesome monthly sticker subscription for a flat $6. Plus, you'll never have to worry about running out of stickers again!

Or, go here for find out how you can get stickers for free!


Do you have a hashtag, or a way I can share online?

Sure thing! Join the conversation online right here:

Tag your photos #yabsticker and see where they are popping up!


Can I create my own piece or installation?

Absolutely. In the last decade thousands of individuals have created their own works in their own cities. The idea with You Are Beautiful is that it is open source to create your own free installations.  

We hope to have a collection of images on our site soon, celebrating these pieces. Please email us photos of what you do, so that we can include them!


Can my organization bring you to our city?

We'd love to come to your city! It is our mission to leave the world a little better than when we found it. See a few examples here, and a case study which illustrates the public reaction to a You Are Beautiful installation.

We’ve collaborated with major cities & organizations around the globe, on both temporary & permanent installations, with long term planning and fast track projects. When the phrase You Are Beautiful is integrated into a city or community, it creates an immediate positive dialogue. 


Do you need volunteers?

Right now our small team is just right. We are often taking on large projects, and may need help. Feel free to reach out, if you think you'd be a good fit for something in the future.


Do you offer advice?

You bet, check out the lessons we learned over the last 10 years in our book: A Decade of You Are Beautiful. The book is packed full of stories and advice. You can see a preview here


Still curious? Feel free to Contact Us today!