What is You Are Beautiful?

You Are Beautiful is a community of people that believes in building each other up and spreading positivity every day.

    How did it start?

    In 2002, we made a small batch of 100 stickers. We slapped them up, and gave them out among friends. It’s organically grown since then. In 2003, we created a single html webpage that listed a PO Box to send in a SASE to receive stickers. (We still do this to this day! Find out more here). 

      What are the little ways the message impacts people?

      The message is a daily reminder. It’s designed to build each other up and spread positivity every day.

        How can I join the community and get involved?

        Easy! Get some stickers, put them up or give them out! Share the message and spread positivity. The YAB message is designed for anyone to add their voice. Feel free to make your own sticker, piece, or installation.

          Is it just a sticker?

          It started as a sticker, but the You Are Beautiful message has grown into large scale installations, murals & collaborations with designers and artists from around the world. It’s been so much fun to see where it has gone!

            What do you do with these stickers?

            Step 1: Take a sticker.
            Step 2: Put it somewhere (anywhere!) or give it to someone.
            Step 3: See what happens next :)

                Is this only in Chicago?

                Thanks to the community, the stickers have reached almost every corner of the globe, including Antarctica! 

                  What does it mean?

                  The You Are Beautiful message is true to every person in one way or another. The message is yours in whichever way you want it. Be yourself :)

                    What's it for?

                    To build each other up and spread positivity every day. 

                      Are you a company, non-profit or charity?

                      You Are Beautiful is a small business in Chicago, made up of a group of artists & designers working their dream jobs! Every Package or Sticker Subscription you order, directly supports this project and allows us to share this message with the world full time. You are a massive help for us to grow, and to continue to spread You Are Beautiful for years to come. Thank YOU! We literally could not do it without you.

                      Also...We are also a community of people that believes in building each other up and spreading positivity every day. While we’re not a non-profit, we happily donate a percentage of our stickers every year to worthy causes. Click here to sign up for potential sticker donations.

                        Who made this? 

                        We greatly enjoy the focus to be on the message itself, rather than those behind it. We also understand transparency in today's world is very important. For those who like to know even more, here is a video from the Custodian of the project, Matthew Hoffman. He explains his personal process, along with the journey of You Are Beautiful. 

                          Where did you come up with the phrase?

                          In 2002, Matthew Hoffman moved to Chicago. Having come from small towns, and the first time on his own - it was easy it is to feel lost and alone. In addition, there was the noise of the city, and the visual noise of advertising. Advertising isn’t inherently bad, but sometimes it plays on our insecurities. Hoffman just wanted to make a quiet message, and put it out there. One that said: It’s ok. You don’t need to do anything, buy anything, or try to be anyone else. Just be yourself. That’s enough.  

                            What’s next for the project?

                            We’re happy and feel successful as long as we’re putting a positive message out in the world for others to come across. So however we can do that, we’re game. From stickers on our shop, to installations, murals, & collaborations. Please reach out if you have fun new ideas!

                              Where are the installations?

                              Here’s a map of all existing installations in Chicago. Try to find them all! 

                                How do I get involved?

                                Tons of ways! From volunteering to artist collaborations, we’re always open. Click “How do I get involved?” to find out all the ways you can plug into our community :)