Behind The Scenes

We greatly enjoy the focus to be on the message itself, rather than those behind it. We also understand transparency in today's world is very important. For those who like to know even more, here is a video from the Custodian of the project, Matthew Hoffman. He explains his personal process, along with the journey of You Are Beautiful. 

We are extremely small but mighty. We operate out of a 200 sq ft office, above a 200 sq ft garage on the far north side of Chicago. We create all of our large installations here, and send out every single package personally. It is an extremely humble and modest setup, but we’re proud of it. It's a Mom & Pop operation, and as Independent as you can get.

Every Package or Sticker Subscription you order, directly supports this project and allows us to share this message with the world full time. You are a massive help for us to grow, and to continue to spread You Are Beautiful for years to come.

Thank YOU! We literally could not do it without you.