Roscoe Village…. You Are Beautiful

RVN is teaming up with artist Matthew Hoffman to share his ultimate message of positivity with our community.

Matthew, the creator of the You Are Beautiful project, will be bringing several of his grand-scale messages of positivity to the neighborhood, to both brighten your day and highlight some of the amazing spaces in our community.  We want to show that these spaces, once activated through public art, will be invaluable community assets that enhance the neighborhood and generate positive presence and interaction along our streets.  This furthers Roscoe Village’s evolution into one of Chicago's most dynamic community-friendly neighborhoods.
The Retro on Roscoe fundraising campaign will go toward funding one large-size You Are Beautiful installations on the Belmont Avenue fence at Fellger Park and an additional positive message installation at Audubon School to be voted on at Retro on Roscoe! Each of these installations will be made of large-format block letters.  Fellger Park will be white floating letters and Audubon School will be colored by the students with brightly themed paint.



Additionally, the funds will be used to purchase You Are Beautiful tiles to be placed on Roscoe Street as a way to highlight this stretch of businesses, shopping and restaurants in our neighborhood. Any additional funds that we generate on top of our goal will go toward the details of each piece and potentially other installations in the community.

So please, Roscoe Village and beyond, support our campaign so that we can remind each other that we are all beautiful people, our neighborhoods can be beautiful places and beautiful things can be found in the places we least expect.


Visit our booth at Retro on Roscoe!

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