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Encouragement Blocks

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May you never be without kind words :)

3 double-sided blocks, with 6 affirmations in total. Use individually around the house, or cluster all 3 on your desk. Stand upright, or stack together in a new fun way!

These solid walnut blocks are reclaimed from our Today Calendar production in our wood shop. The 6 laser etched phrases are our favorites selected from this year's calendar pages. 

Tall Block: Approx 1.25" x 1.25" x 3"
A Side: you are loved
B Side: you are you

Middle Block: Approx 1.75" x 1.25" x 2.25"
A Side: you are magical
B Side: you are essential

Shortest Block: Approx 1.5" x 1.25" x 2.25"
A Side: you are strong
B Side: you are worthy

Since these blocks are handmade, sizes may vary slightly. Bottom of each block is etched with you are beautiful.

Made entirely in our studio in Chicago.

Be a part of the global community sharing positivity to make the world a little kinder!