It's Ok Tokens
It's Ok Tokens It's Ok Tokens

A token of our appreciation. 

Sometimes, just a simple reminder is all that we need. It's ok. And it's ok, even when it's not ok.

These 5 tokens are made of laser cut wood from hand drawn text by Matthew Hoffman. These tokens measure 1" x .75" x .25". 

This piece is made entirely in our studio in Chicago.


This piece is a part of a larger body of work from our "it's ok" exhibition at the YAB HQ Gallery. View the entire collection of works here

This simple phrase can give so much comfort when said to someone else, or more importantly to yourself. How many times have you quietly whispered to yourself “It’s ok. It’s ok. It’s ok.”? An even more critical twist to remember is that it’s ok -- even when everything is not ok at the moment.

This exhibition is in conjunction with Hope For The Day, a nonprofit organization that focuses on proactive suicide prevention + mental health education.

A portion of the proceeds of every sale from the “it’s ok” exhibition from May 18th - July 14th, will go directly to Hope For The Day, to further their incredible work.