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Peace Squared Ornament (Available 12.11.15 only)


Peace Squared Ornament (Available 12.11.15 only)


This ornament is only available today. That's it. 

I call this one, "all I want for Christmas". With so much going on in the world today, Peace Squared says the same message, no matter what side you're coming form. Peace. 

Two years ago, I started a tradition. I made a complicated, hand crafted ornament. It was incredibly fragile, and would be impossible to manufacture. It was the beginning of a tradition. 

I'm here to do the same again this year. This achievement in impossibility is available today only, and I'll make only as many as are collected today. So if no one gets one, well...I'll just make myself one, and that's fine by me. (These are quite tricky to make). If you do add one to your collection, it'll be an edition of 2, and so on.

Signed & dated. Ornaments will ship in a wooden box by December 18th (if not before). 

- Matthew Hoffman

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