Take Care LED Single Line
Take Care LED Single Line Take Care LED Single Line
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Sometimes, just a simple reminder is all that we need. Take care.

These one of a kind LED pieces glow a changing soothing array of RGB colors. Choose from 5 different face colors, only one of each color way was produced. 

This LED edition is made from hand drawn text by Matthew Hoffman. This piece measures 46" x 10" x .75". All hanging hardware & electronics needed are supplied.

This piece is made entirely in our studio in Chicago.


This piece is a part of a larger body of work from our "Take Care" Exhibition at the YAB HQ Gallery. View the entire collection of works here

Take care of yourself, take care of others, let others take care of you, and of course, take care of your business. Self care is often overlooked, and easy to let slide. Taking care of ourselves should be our number one focus. When on a plane, we're instructed to place the oxygen on ourselves before helping others. We need to be there for ourselves before we can properly be there for others. As soon as we have ourselves situated, we should do everything in our power to take care of others.

It’s often easy to let life slowly eat away at our generosity, but we have to stay strong and give as much as we can to one another, and also to ourselves.

Take care.