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You Are Beautiful Gift Kits
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Give & share. With everyone, and anyone you encounter. Select one of 3 kits (bundled for beautiful savings!) Check out what comes in each kit, listed below:

Share Kit

5 Greeting Cards & Envelopes
10 Sheets of Wrapping Paper
1 Roll of Invisible Tape
2 Embossed Tags
2 Cloth Bag Kits

Deluxe Kit

10 Greeting Cards & Envelopes
20 Sheets of Wrapping Paper
1 Roll of Printed Packing Tape
2 Roll of Invisible Tape
6 Embossed Tags
6 Cloth Bag Kits
3 Yards of Printed Ribbon

Ultimate Kit

20 Greeting Cards & Envelopes
50 Sheets of Wrapping Paper
2 Roll of Printed Packing Tape
4 Roll of Invisible Tape
10 Embossed Tags
20 Cloth Bag Kits
24 Yards of Printed Ribbon

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