Public Reaction To You Are Beautiful

Once you put something out in the world, it is fascinating to see what happens. We chose to document the public reaction to a recent installation. When the phrase You Are Beautiful is integrated into a city or community, it creates an immediate positive dialogue. Often, due to the upbeat & universal message, our installations quickly generate human interest stories online, in print, and on TV.

This installation was placed along Lake Shore Drive by the Department of Cultural and Natural Resources of the Chicago Parks District in January, 2014. The piece itself is an 11' x 15' You Are Beautiful "sticker" weighing in at around 1,000 lbs. It is located off the Oakwood Exit of Lakeshore Drive (Google map).

This installation was featured in a segment on Fox News, an article in the Chicago Tribune, a radio interview on WGN, and many photos on social media (below). More rewarding that all of this, is the unmeasurable amount of people who have been affected by this positive message. 




“Lake Shore Drive sign declares You are beautiful” FOX 32, Fox at 9 by Tisha Lewis on February 12, 2014.



“Mystery sign sows cheer Lake Shore Drive” Opinion Section of the Chicago Tribune by Eric Zorn on May 25, 2014. Read the article here.



"Matthew Hoffman: The You Are Beautiful Project" on the Bill Leff & Wendy Snyder show on WGN 720AM on May 22, 2014. Listen to the 10 minute interview here.


Community Engagement


The public response has been incredible. Here are just a few photos we've come across. We've been made aware of these photos because they were tagged #yabsticker or #youarebeautiful on Instagram. Imagine how many photos of this piece have not been posted, and more importantly how many individuals have been touched by this single piece.


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