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Free shipping on orders over $60! Use Code: FreeShip60
Free shipping on orders over $60! Use Code: FreeShip60

 We believe that public art is for everyone, and has the power to change people’s lives by encouraging individuals to interact with their surroundings in a way that inspires, and uplifts themselves, and their community. 

YABforAll is a community based, and sustained initiative that allows You Are Beautiful to donate one installation every year to a school, or neighborhood organization in areas impacted by economic hardship.

 A percentage of every sale is reserved in order to budget for the cost of a piece to be fabricated and installed completely free of charge to the recipient.

We started YABforAll out of a need to support to communities that might not otherwise be able to afford a large scale art installation. We seek to close the gap between cost and accessibility to reinforce the idea that public art is truly for everyone!

We encourage anyone interested in receiving a donated art piece for their community to apply here.