How do I get free stickers?

Simply send us a SASE to: You Are Beautiful 3368 N Elston, Chicago, IL 60618 USA.


What's an SASE?

It's a self addressed stamped envelope. Put your name, address, and a stamp on any size unsealed envelope. Then stick that envelope inside another envelope with our address & a stamp, and toss it in the mail!


How many stickers do I get?

You'll get 5 friendly reminders free of charge. Read on if you want more!


How can I get more than 5 stickers?

You can send us your You Are Beautiful inspired work, your art to trade, or a wonderful letter. If you send us fun stuff to entertain us, you'll get more stickers in return. Because we all need a pick-me-up (even us)!

Or, you’re welcome to include a dollar or two (you’ll get approximately 5 stickers a dollar). 


Why do you do this?

The first stickers were created in 2002. About a year later, we made a single html webpage that said if you want 5 free stickers, send in a SASE. Within a few weeks, mail started to appear. Over the years we’ve received tens of thousands of letters from all over the world.

It’s so incredibly rewarding to hear how you came across a sticker & what it meant to you, and what you plan to do with your stickers.

(If you’re curious why the mail, each envelope we send back contains a little note from Matthew on why this is so near and dear to his heart. So you’ll have to send in to find out!)


What's a story that has really stuck with you?

We received this photo of a bridge railing from Melbourne, Florida. A sticker was placed above a bronze plaque that commemorates where someone took their own life. The person (who asked to be anonymous) included a letter saying “I put the sticker there, hoping the next person who might be in the same place, would rethink their actions and remember what a truly beautiful gift they are."

It reminds us that this small silver sticker might not change the world, but it will change someone's world.


I'm a teacher, can I have all my students send SASEs in a bulk envelope together?

You bet! You can send all the envelopes (& hopefully super cute amazing kid drawings) in one big bulk envelope to us. The only thing we ask is that there is one return envelope for each student.

Then you have 2 options on return. You can send us one big bulk envelope for all the return envelopes & stickers - just be sure to include enough postage. Or each students envelope can be addressed with a stamp, and we can send them individually. 


What do I do if I can't get US stamps?

Feel free to enclose a dollar, or if you can't get your hands on that - send along some art or other interesting things for trade. If you put in the effort, we'll make sure you get your stickers. We got you.


I don’t like ordering online, can I order stickers through the mail?

Absolutely, feel free to send your order with your SASE. We accept cash or check. Please make checks payable to You Are Beautiful. Please list out what you would like us to send to you.


What do you do with all the stuff we send in?

We save them! Your letters bring us such great joy!

And sometimes we even exhibit them. It's absolutely amazing to see them all together, and know what an impact we're all making together. We can't thank you enough for being a part of this journey with us.


Sounds like a lot of work. Can I just email you with my address?

Unfortunately, no. We wish we could cover postage and packaging for every person in the world, we really do. We’re happy to give you free stickers, but need you to supply the envelope and stamp.

If you'd prefer, you can simply order stickers on our site (they just won't be free ;)


My stickers never arrived, what do I do?

Over the last 10 years, we have handled tens of thousands of SASE’s. We have around a 99% success rate with free SASE’s arriving safely back to you. It’s rare, but it’s possible that your letter can be lost on its way to us, or on its way back to you. Since these envelopes are hand written, with no tracking information, we unfortunately cannot guarantee this process.

Please know that we really want to get these stickers to you, otherwise we wouldn’t offer this free service :)

Look how much good we can do, when we stick(er) together ;)


I have plenty of yabstickers, can I share my YAB Story with you digitally?

Absolutely! If you'd like to send us your story digitally, please simply use the form below!

We always love to hear stories from the community. We will add this to our community collection, and potentially use it in future exhibitions or posts online :)

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