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Digital Sticker Submission!

We've never done a digital event like this before, but given the current climate, we are trying something new! 

In the past, we have chosen Artist Stickers for our Monthly Sticker Club from our community Artist Board Exhibitions. Since we are unable to do that in person, we are looking for digital submissions (due Nov 15th).

To potentially be selected for an artist sticker for our Monthly Sticker Club in 2022, read on!

The history of the artist sticker...

In 2022, we celebrate 20 years of the sticker! 

Be a part of our celebration year!

The first 100 stickers were made in 2002. The print quality was pixelated and came out the wrong color. (They were to be green, to blend in on lamp posts, but instead showed up a muddy olive brown). These paper stickers barely stuck, and fell off after the first rain. It was a small start, a test for a simple idea. Over the last 20 years, millions and millions of silver yabstickers have been shared by the ever growing community around the world. 

It’s a reminder that you never know what will happen when you put yourself out there. The first step doesn’t have to be perfect. Just go for it, and get your ideas out into the world! 

In 2014, the Monthly Sticker Club was born! When you join, you receive 31 stickers a month, a simple reminder to do one kind thing a day. To make the Club even more fun & exciting, we asked artists to create their vision of a custom yabsticker, that would only be available in the club, and only for that month. 

How To Enter

Here's how to potentially be selected for an Artist Sticker 

for our Monthly Sticker Club in 2022 :)

Email your digital submission to by November 15

Subject Line: Artist Sticker Submission 2022

Email Body: Attach Image (See file options below)

Artist Name or First & Last Name

IG Handle

City & State

Your Digital File

You can use any media including digital art, we will just need a digital file. 

Choose 1 of these 3 ways to submit, whatever works best for you :)

1. Send a hi-res JPG file of your artwork in landscape format, 2.125" x 1.625" 300 DPI. We will superimpose the You Are Beautiful sticker art over your image.

Download Image File

2. Send a photo or high res scan of your completed sticker art, from this fill-in template that has the text & border of the sticker.

Download PDF File

3. Using Illustrator, create your own yabsticker with our layered template that includes the text and border in black or white.

Download Ai File

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