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A Dozen Ways To Say... 1st Edition

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You are enough. You are essential. You are brave. You are loved. You are bright. You are unstoppable. You are ready. You are magical. You are strong. You are worthy. You are here. You are you.

There are many ways to say You Are Beautiful, and this dozen pack is a great start.

We've always wanted to be extremely clear. You Are Beautiful is about the fact that every single one of us is incredibly unique & amazing, and that should be celebrated. You be you. Then we look for the commonalities that we share, that can unite & bring us closer together & not feel alone in this world. We're all in this together.

Pack includes 12 all weather vinyl stickers, one of each phrase. 

You Are Beautiful Stickers are printed in the USA & China, and packaged in our studio in Chicago.

Be a part of the global community sharing positivity to make the world a little kinder!