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You Are Beautiful Sign - Outdoor

Original price $100.00 - Original price $300.00
Original price
$100.00 - $300.00
Current price $100.00
Size: Small

Have your very own installation on your house, fence, or building!

Messages of positivity and community are needed now more than ever, share this message with your world!.

This piece is made of custom made Grey with Black Core HDPE material. The material is CNC routed through the top layer of grey, exposing the black core through the type. This is the actual material that we make many of our outdoor installations with.

This piece is rated for any climate. The piece can be screwed to a brick wall or wood fence, or zip tied to a metal fence.

Large: 47" x 35" x .25" *US Shipping Only - Large Item Fee
Small: 23" x 17" x .25" *Ships Worldwide

How to Install

The piece comes without holes, for your specific installation. 
Simply drill holes in the black border where you want to mount the piece. We recommend drilling oversized holes for the plastic to expand and contract. Using washers and painting the screw heads & washers black is a nice touch.

HDPE is weather proof, but can warp under intense & rapid hot to cold temperature change. Please make sure the piece is snuggly mounted, but do not apply too much pressure to anchoring the piece down, to allow the plastic to move.

This piece is made entirely in our studio in Chicago.

Beautiful Guarantee

We're here for you! Always a 100% guarantee & 30 day free returns.

Be a part of the global community sharing positivity to make the world a little kinder!