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What we do.

Here are our main 3 types of public installations. These are ready to implement, or a great starting point for a custom plan with your community.

“There are so many fences in this world meant to keep us apart, let’s at least have them say something nice.” - Matthew Hoffman

Fence Piece

This is the most popular & economical way to create lasting impact. We bolt through 2 layers of all-weather material that sandwich on each side of the fence. Available in Helvetica & Hoffman Cursive. Also available to schools & community groups for youth to paint.

Wall Mural

Our murals are stenciled directly onto any type of wall. The scale & size of stickers and design can easily be made to fit a pre-existing location. With the flexibility of design, we can create a mural 10'x10' up to the complete side of a building.

3D Climbable

These are the most physically interactive pieces we offer, with the ability for climbing & lounging on the piece. The sheer complexity of constructing a safe & structurally self standing piece, put these installations on the high end of budgets. 

Want to learn more?

For a limited time, we have an installation available for each state at no charge!

That’s amazing! How is it free?

Our incredible community funded a Kickstarter campaign to bring one installation to each state! As a thank you, we’re donating the shipping costs!

I want to become a host! What do I need?

We are working with go-getters who have a perfect spot for a YAB Installation, and want to make it happen. Click here to see if your state is still available!


Public Art makes the world a better place. 

It helps each of us not feel so alone or lost in the world. It reminds us that there are people that care about us, and to pay it forward.

It is out there working hard every single day, available & accessible for everyone.

Bring The Community Together.

The journey is just as important as the destination. We love the community to be involved in the entire process. When everyone comes together to work on something, it strengthens that feeling of community, and makes the entire experience that much better.

Activating & Engaging.

Often, our pieces are used to activate a previously underused or overlooked public space. The goal of our work is to create positivity in the world, and the positivity is infectious. Those who pass by become active participants with the piece, taking photos often with location tags.

These photos were found on a quick search on Instagram using locations of where our installations currently can be found.

Our Process.

All of our installations are made in our studio in Chicago. This allows incredible attention to detail from idea generation, through the building process, to onsite installation. It allows us to create local jobs, as this passion project has turned into a thriving business of adding positivity to the world.

We use only the most durable outdoor materials, to allow these positive messages to last for years in even harsh environments. We often use recycled HDPE Plastics that are incredibly brilliant and long lasting. We recycle all plastic cutoffs back into the production of future sheet goods. 

Want to learn more?

Say Hello!

Visit YAB HQ

3368 N Elston, Chicago IL 60618

Phone: 312-623-8249

Email: hi@you-are-beautiful.com

What is You Are Beautiful?

You Are Beautiful started as a passion project in 2002 with 100 stickers, with a goal to help people feel better every day. The project was run out of a two car garage until 2018. YAB HQ was then opened in Chicago, offering a retail store front (open to the public daily), as well as housing our studio. We are extremely grateful for the global community who has helped spread millions of stickers, murals, & art installations far and wide!

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