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You Are Beautiful Clear Classic Metallic Stickers

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Isn't it clear? Clearly, you are beautiful.

This 20 pack of clear classic holographic metallic stickers measure 2" x 1.5" (just like our classic brushed sticker).

Stamping foil on a clear sticker is a technically tricky printing process, and we do not recommend using these stickers in high touch areas (like a phone case). The foil may rub off quickly or look distressed. Some stickers may arrive "distressed" as well. But this is just part of the process, and each sticker is unique and beautiful (just like you)!

Also available as Holographic.

Share positivity with these motivational stickers, and remind each and every single person to be confident in who they are. There’s no one you need to try to be, other than yourself. Just be you, and that’s enough. 

These stickers can offer a simple smile, or have a much deeper impact on our mood and well being. This simple message can remind us to love who we are, and focus on the power of self acceptance. 

There are so many ways to use these stickers! Create random acts of kindness, pay it forward, help boost confidence, increase self esteem, motivate, inspire, and give joy as you travel the world & explore on your next you are beautiful spreading adventure. 

The big question now is, what will you do with yours? 

Share these stickers with your world! Slap one up, hand one away to a stranger, leave one on a bus seat for the next person to find -- Get creative! This is where you can let your creativity shine :) Share what you do with the community! Tag your photos #yabsticker.

You Are Beautiful Stickers are printed in the USA & China, and packaged in our studio in Chicago.

Beautiful Guarantee

We're here for you! Always a 100% guarantee & 30 day free returns.

Be a part of the global community sharing positivity to make the world a little kinder!