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Appreciate You Paragraph Edition

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Thank you for staying strong. For digging deep. For sticking it out. For taking care of yourself. For being all in. For refusing to give up. For knowing good things will come eventually. For being patient. For making it all feel worth it. For simply being you. Appreciate you.

Share this sentiment on your wall, measuring 11" wide x 11" high x .25" thick. 

Choose from Birch or Purple.

• Pair this piece with white gallery nails to cleanly hang on your wall.
• Or add clear acrylic feet to allow the piece stand up on a shelf or desk.

 Made entirely in our Studio in Chicago.



This piece is a part of a larger body of work from our "appreciate you" exhibition at the YAB HQ Gallery. View the entire collection of works here

Come explore a new gallery of work, all based on appreciation. This new body of work will look at the appreciation of others (and what they have done for you) and the appreciation of yourself (and how you’ve stuck it out). We’ve learned something incredible: the more appreciative you are of what you have, the more grateful you feel for where you are now.

We’re exceptionally humbled to be where we are right now - sharing messages of positivity with you. Thank you for helping us shine this light, to help make things a little brighter.


Make these moments matter.

Be a part of the global community sharing positivity to make the world a little kinder!