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One Of A Kind Cursive Piece - Small

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You are beautiful. A much needed daily reminder :)

These pieces are one of a kind custom pieces, spray painted by Matthew Hoffman. Every piece is unique, and you will be blind shipped a random colorway. Colors may vary from batch to batch, please use the photos as an example of how your piece could look. It'll be a wonderful surprise!

This cursive piece is based off of our very first large scale outdoor installation. Now available in a take-home size, it can live as a friendly reminder in your daily life. 

Adorn your wall with this laser cut cursive wood piece. This piece measures 11" wide x 4" tall x .25" thick. Also available in a larger size.

Pair this piece with white gallery nails to add an elegance to hanging it on your wall. (This piece will also stand up nicely with our clear acrylic feet.)

This piece is made entirely by us, in our studio in Chicago.


Beautiful Guarantee

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