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Kind Words
You Are Beautiful Headquarters (YAB HQ)
3368 North Elston Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618

Sat, November 5, 2022, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM



To celebrate the sticker turning 20 this year, we've put together an exciting group show glowing with positivity & kindness in our gallery!

We’ve asked artists, designers, poets, & creatives to share their most inspiring kind words on the walls of our gallery. We couldn't be more honored to be sharing their work with you! (And we think you'll certainly want to take home a kind word or two).

Additionally our studio & wood shop will be open to the public. We only do this once or twice a year, so take advantage of getting to take a peek behind the curtain & see where it's all made! (Heck, there might even be some machines running that you’ll be able to see in action ;)

And of course we'll be previewing our YAB holiday collection, which will be available in store, to get your gift sharing season underway!

Want to contribute? 100% of your donation on Eventbrite will go directly towards our 2023 YAB For All Community Installation. Every year, we donate an installation to a community that might not otherwise be able to afford an installation. Learn more & nominate your community here:


Kind Words By:

Aaron Draplin @draplin

Adam J. Kurtz @AdamJK

Alex Synge @thefirst47

Ben Blount @blountben

Case Kenny @case.kenny

Cody Hudson @struggle_inc

Dani Knight @daniknightdraws

Dustin Amery Hostetler @upso

Emmett Kyoshi @emmettkoyshiart

Gingergold @staygingergolden

Hyesu Lee @heyheysu

In Memory Adé Hogue @adehogue

Jake Nickell @skaw

Jamila Woods @jamilawoods

Jay Ryan @thebirdmachine

JB Daniel @jbdanielart

Jenna Blazevich @vichcraft

Jenny Volvovski @also_online

Jessica Hische @jessicahische

Jimmy DiResta @jimmydiresta

Josue Pellot @josuepellot

Lauren Asta @lauren_asta

Martha Rich @martharich63

Matt Avery @monograph_studio

Miss Merlot @Merlotism

Nick Adam @nickadam

Seth Godin @sethgodin

Shae Synnestvedt @shaesynn

Shawnimals @shawnimals

Tanner Woodford @TannerWoodford

The Poetry Foundation @poetryfoundation

The Rise Brand @therisebrand

Thomas Campbell @thomascampbellart

Vantablac Sol @vantablacsol

We All Live Here @wealllivehere

Zuzu @zuzubee


Faesthetic + YAB Zine Release @thinkfaest

Alex Fuller @fullfullerfullest

Alex Synge @thefirst47

Bud Rodecker @budrodecker

Chad Kouri @chadkouri

Cody Hudson @struggle_inc

James Dickerson @dirtykics

Josh Byers @60wattfunnel

Nathan Bell @nathanbell

Porous Walker @porous_walker

PrateTM @prate

Shawnimals @shawnimals

Steve Seeley @steveseeleyart

Summer Land @bubblezz_art

SWOON @swoonhq

Tim Biskup @tbiskup

Yusuf Lateef @yusufalateef


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Icecream provided by