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City Photo Stickers

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This 20 pack of all weather stickers feature photos taken around Chicago in a single day, while out walking (& putting up yabstickers).

Sometimes you just need to break up the day, and get outside! Matthew took the day, starting at YABHQ (Avondale) and headed to where he put up the very first stickers in 2002 (Wicker Park) & ending near his first studio in 2003 (Fulton Market). Along the way he meandered & found many interesting fences, brick walls, shrubbery, lines painted on the street, and of course got distracted with the calming waters of Lake Michigan.

It was an incredible reminder of what makes any city or community amazing: all the little details we often over look, or rush past in our busy days. 

Take a moment for yourself. Look around, & be present each day.

You Are Beautiful Stickers are printed in the USA & China, and packaged in our studio in Chicago.

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