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YAB Pot Double Etch

Original price $35.00 - Original price $48.00
Original price
$35.00 - $48.00
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Size: Small Pot

Enjoy a little bit of beauty in your daily life! 

We hand craft these solid wood pots in our studio. These Double Etched pots are the same on the front & back. Each side has a deep laser etch of our classic sticker & our detailed collage pattern. 

Small Pot  3" x 4" x 2.25" & includes 1 succulent
Large Pot  4" x 5"  x 2.25" & includes 2 succulents

Our YAB Pots are made from solid Poplar. Poplar wood can vary from light tan, to green, to dark brown. Your pot will be one of a kind, and the wood color may vary from what is pictured.

We include a complimentary 1" potted succulent to get you started. We will carefully pack up your succulent, but can't guarantee the life of the plant. If you want or need to replace the plant, simply keep the provided 1" round plastic insert for your new plant.

Made entirely in our studio in Chicago.

Beautiful Guarantee

We're here for you! Always a 100% guarantee & 30 day free returns.

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